It's gray day!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Have you been thinking of growing your hair out to its natural gray state? It's not for everyone, but there are plenty of women who rock the look (like my friend Susan in the photo above). I personally am a big baby and way too chicken to try it (now anyway), but I love the idea of skipping monthly colorings and having less maintenance to deal with.

Here's what Susan had to say about her gray transition.
"I decided to go gray at 65, so it's been 3 years to get to this point! There is a really ugly period, (mine was gray roots & brassy on the bottom) and you never really know how your hair will come in, so it can be a bit risky. I kept my hair in a ponytail most of the time.  It's probably easier to go with a short style during the growing out stage, but I was determined to have some length. For me, going through the process was worth it. I feel more confident, not to mention all the money I save at the salon that I can spend on trips (or shoes!)"
Susan Siefer, artist

The process of going gray can be daunting for many women, but my friend  Robert Caggiano, owner of the fabulous Robert Jason Salon, has some simple tips for making it easier.

  • See an experienced colorist and never color your hair at home with a box color! Growing out gray is a tricky process and using the wrong color can cause you to spend more time and money in the long run.
  • Start with a fabulous cut. By going with a shorter haircut you'll be able to hide a solid line of roots, re-growth and demarcation. Layers can also help disguise the gray growing in. Getting regular haircuts to remove old color and damaged hair is also recommended during the process.
  • Go lighter by foiling. Introducing lighter tones can help integrate your new color. Gradually change your base color and lighten it each time to soften new regrowth. 
  • Use the right products. There are a few fabulous products on the market  that can make the "growing-out" process a lot easier. Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray by ORIBE camoflages grays with a shaded quick drying spray powder that instantly covers roots between appointments. Micro-fine pigments blend seamless with your natural shade, when and where you need it.  Once you achieve your desired shade of gray, you can control any yellowing by using a violet based shampoo and conditioner. Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner or Joico Color Balance Shampoo and Conditioner work well to keep your hair color as bright as it can be.

How do you feel about going gray? Are you ready to take the leap? Or have you already gone through the process--and if so, how has it changed your life? Like I said, I'm not ready to stop coloring my hair, although I am a bit curious as to what the "real me" would look like!

Have a fabulous weekend!
XO Susan

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