Holiday heatwave outfits

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Who would have "thunk" it....70 degrees on Christmas Eve in New England? The high temps are definitely causing me to re-think the outfit I had originally chosen for our house party---a sweater dress and high boots. Forget it---I'll roast! Here are some ideas for lightweight party outfits that will work for this crazy holiday weather.  Click on photos for details.

A silk blouse is a much cooler alternative to a sweater. Depending on how dressy your event is, pair with black jeans or black pants...even denim will work!

A short sleeve dress--go with a simple black number or dress things up with  lace. Animal print always adds sophistication.

Want to really add pizzaz? Major bling will do it!

Or wear simple accessories for a more low-key look--but add a little bling, after all it is Christmas Eve!

Finish your outfit with flats or heels.

And a clutch!

This weather is just too warm for a winter coat. A wrap or cape is perfect to wear inside or out. A leather jacket is also a lightweight alternative that will add a little "edge" to your outfit.

What are you wearing tonight? I'll be posting my outfit later on as soon as I figure it out. Off to cook now. I'm hosting 30+ people tonight!

Merry Christmas to everyone!
XO Susan

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