New home, new closet

Friday, May 15, 2015

Today I worked with Cathy, who just moved into a new home a few days ago. With all of her clothes in boxes, she was a bit overwhelmed and needed help figuring out the best way to set up her closet.

 What a fabulous space! This closet has a window making it light and bright!

First we tackled the boxes. Cathy had packed everything up in cardboard wardrobe containers which made unpacking a breeze. I highly recommend these to anyone who is moving.

We switched over her plastic hangers to the slimline velvet variety that take up less space and keep clothes in tip-top shape (plus they look nicer!). I recommend buying hangers in the same color for a uniform look.


During--notice the difference!

I sorted tops by type (for instance, sleeveless, blouses, sweaters, etc) and then by color. This system will make it so easy for Cathy to find what she's looking for.

We found this sweet "sentimental" piece ---it was a tee-shirt that Cathy's daughter had made for her almost 20 years ago!  Awe....

And this little "gem" --now THAT'S a statement piece! I was happy to hear that it was part of a Halloween costume. Whew...

We folded Cathy's jeans, which she had always stored in her dresser (big no/no since you can't see what's at the bottom of the drawer) and then we sorted by wash and color (light wash, dark wash, black, white, etc). She likes this system so much better!

Cathy didn't have a use for this little chest so I put it in her closet to store flip-flops!

 I just love a closet with a window---it makes the space so bright and more "room-like".

I had fun showing off some of Cathy's fabulous accessories.

Happy Cathy, happy closet, happy Fashion Coach!

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