How to do the "matchy-matchy" thing

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

As most of you probably know, I'm not a big fan of the "matchy-matchy" look, however there are always exceptions to every style rule. There is a huge difference between looking "matchy", which can translate into "overdone" and looking coordinated. My vote is for coordinated.

Today I'm wearing lots of and lots of navy and although you "technically" could call it a lot of "matchiness", I happen to think it works. Here's why...

Trick one---vary materials and textures.
I paired faded Joe's skinny ankle jeans with a navy Ann Taylor Loft flowy blouse and finished the look with a Vince navy leather jacket.  There are three different types of materials going on here as well as varying shades of blue--all giving the outfit dimension.

 Trick two--Change the color of at least one piece (generally an accessory or shoe). These nude suede Trotters pumps (so comfy!) break up all the navy . My jewelry is silver (silver hoops, watch and ring) and although I was tempted to wear my blue lapis ring, it would have been overkill.

Trick three--Add an embellished bag. Yep, more navy but this Michael Kors bag has a 
silver detail that pops.

Trick four--Certain colors work best in large doses. 
Those colors are your neutrals:  white, cream, black, gray and navy. 
Use caution when trying to match bright colors.

Trick five--Go classic. Classic simple pieces work best when wearing a lot of the same color. Nix the ruffles, sequins and fancy details.

If your wardrobe needs an update or if you're just in a style rut, I'd love to help!

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