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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lately I've been reading a lot of articles about how manicures and pedicures can pose all sorts of health risks, including infections and fungus (ewe).  Although manicures have their own hazards, pedicures are where the real danger lies. Even the most spotless of basins can be risky since the water still has to travel through the whirlpool jets. These jets are loaded with all types of harmful bacteria which can cause athletes foot, warts, and viral infections. I have several clients and friends who have been the victim of foot fungus and let me tell you, their stories are not pretty.

I recently saw Podiatrist Dr. Teresa Burtoft of The Foot Health Center of Merrimack Valley in North Andover,  for some foot issues that I've been struggling with.  Everyone at the center is incredibly nice and friendly and Dr. Burtoft herself has a wonderful  manner and is very knowledgable. While I was there I learned of their new nail service which is set up right in the medical office...brilliant idea!

Twice a week (Mondays and Tuesdays) a trained nail tech comes to the center to provide STERILE manicures and pedicures. The pedicure station has disposable foot trays---so you will never soak 
your tootsies in a basin that a zillion other feet have been in. Also every manicure tool is autoclaved (just like at the dentist office) making them 100% free from germs and bacterial.  Although you might see a little toaster type of device at your nail salon--it probably isn't doing an effective job to sterilize the tools. The prices are great $20 for a mani and $50 for a pedi and there are also many other services available such as foot massage and gel/shellac. The bonus is that tipping is not allowed so there are no "add ons" to the prices.

Everyone gets their own sterile disposable foot bath.

The nail room is quiet, relaxing and CLEAN!

I made an appointment for next Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to getting my nails done in a clean and sanitary environment where I can actually sit back and relax.

To find out more on the dangers on manis and pedis, check out this article on The Huffington Post 

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