Tricks for looking slimmer

Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's the easiest way to look longer and leaner? Focus on the neck and legs!
Create the illusion of legs that go on forever and a slimmer profile when you accentuate both ends of your body and show skin!

Let's start with the neck. "Elongate" with a deep V, scoop, cowl, or even partially unbuttoned blouses that dips below your collarbone. I'm not talking about showing lots of cleavage, but do leave the neckline open..

How do you add inches to your legs even if you're petite? Nude pumps! If you don't own a pair, put them on your shopping list.  A trick of the trade is to buy nude pumps in a similar shade to your foundation--this will give you your most complimentary tone.  Keep the toe of the pump on the tapered side --either pointy toe or narrow.

Other shoes that give a similar effect are nude sandals, flats, or even knee-high boots (wear with bare leg or flesh tone hosiery--even nude fishnets!).

Put the open neckline together with the nude shoes and you will look amazing...try it!


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