To Belt or Not to Belt...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Belting has become the end-all way to accessorize. Although many stylists encourage their clients to "belt" regardless of their body shape, my philosophy is different. I believe that belting is not for everyone.

So who should belt? If you have a defined waistline (hourglass figure) or if you have a straight "boyish" shape, a belt can accentuate your curves and create an ultra-flattering look.  However if you have extra around the middle or a very round tummy, a belt is going to draw attention to the area that you are most likely trying to camouflage.

Here are some guidelines to follow for adding a belt:

1.  Position is key!  Play around with the belt to find the most flattering spot on your waist. If you are very big chested, do not belt high on the waist as it will make you look even bigger. Most women look best when a belt is hitting the smallest part of their waist (the part of the waist that curves in).

Curvy women should make sure that the belt accentuates the smallest part of their waist.

2.  Layer  Wear a belt on the inside--belt a top or dress and throw a jacket or sweater over it. For women who are "waist conscious" this look can give a slimming effect. 

3.  Choose the width:  If you are petite or short waisted, a very wide belt will shorten your torso. A better choice for you would be a thin or skinny belt. However if you are tall or have a long torso, you can definitely wear the wider styles.

4.  Lengthen  your look.  If you want to get the longest sleekest look,  match the color of your belt to your outfit, but give it visual interest with patent leather, snakeskin or suede.

5.  Bottom line is...only wear a belt if you love the way it looks on you. Otherwise skip it!

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