Combating the Muffin-Top

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It doesn't matter how thin you are, in mid-life the dreaded muffin-top makes an appearance.  The tops that you once loved now seem to show every little bump and bulge and your jeans no longer fit like they used's frustrating!  But don't lose hope, there are ways to combat the muffin-top! Just follow these easy tips for a sleek and bump free look.

Dress from Fresh of Nashua

  • Say "bye" to thin knits. Get rid of pieces that are made from stretchy and clingy materials. Jersey fabrics can be the most revealing and can show every little bump. Stick with more structured fabrics such as cottons, silks, and wool.
  • Distract with prints  Prints do a better job at camouflaging than solids. Use patterns to your advantage!
  • Add a layer.  Wear a cami or shapewear under your top to slim the middle or add a jacket, cardigan or blazer over your top for a flattering and slimming look
  • Rise to the occasion. A mid or high rise bottom is generally a good choice for women who want to avoid a muffin-top. Low rise pants tend to cut into the mid-section which can cause a tummy trouble.
  •  Don't skirt the issue.  A slimming skirt or flattering dress is a great way to avoid a muffin-top since it won't cut into the tummy and will elongate the torso.
  • Go with the flow!  Flowy silky tops will skim the mid-section and will float instead of cling.  
  • Scrunch it up  Ruching (or gathering) around the middle will distract the eye and camouflage and hide belly rolls. Look for tops or dresses with rushing.

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