Monochromatic Dressing

Monday, April 04, 2011

I'm a big fan of the monochromatic look---meaning dressing in one color. Not only is this style easy to pull off, but it's polished, chic and slimming when done right. Here is my advice for putting together a fabulous monochromatic outfit:

*Limit the number of pieces you wear. For instance, a brown jacket, blouse, pants, and shoes could end up making you look frumpy. However a black dress, black jacket and great black peep toe pumps could be amazing with a gorgeous statement necklace for a "pop" of interest.

*Mix varying shades of the same color. An example of this would be to mix shades of gray or blues together. Today I'm actually wearing a charcoal gray skirt with a lighter gray striped sweater and gray jacket.

*Incorporate prints that have monochromatic tones. A navy pair of pants paired with a silk blouse with multiple shades of blue is gorgeous.

*Be careful of your color choices. There are some colors that really shouldn't be used monochromatically, such as mustard yellow and celery green You get the picture.

*Mix fabrics and textures such as silks, leather and tweeds. This can make an outfit interesting!

* Play up your accessories. Punch in interest with a great piece of jewelry, scarf or belt.

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