10 Things I Know About Business Attire

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Here's my article on business attire that just got published in the Worcester Business Journal
10. First Impressions
It’s said that 80 percent of first impressions are visual. Whether you’re going to a networking event, meeting a client or hosting a presentation, your look sends a message to others about who you are.
9. Look The Part
Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If you strive to be a CEO, dress like one! A pulled-together and polished look can give you an edge in this competitive job market and can actually play a part in getting a promotion.
8. Confidence Builder
Sometimes we ignore the fact that there’s a huge connection between how we look and how we feel about ourselves. Take notice of how much more self-confident you feel when you love what you’re wearing, and use it as a strategy for confidence boosting.
7. Body Shape
Learn the styles that work (and those that don’t) for your unique body shape. All clothes are not cut the same. Finding figure-flattering styles is key to putting together a great work wardrobe.
6. Casual Fridays
Casual Friday dress is becoming more and more popular, but don’t let it cross the line into just plain sloppy. If your office allows jeans on Fridays, go with a dark-wash trouser-style jean paired with a fitted blazer and shirt.
5. Watch The Accessories
Over- accessorizing can create a very unprofessional look. Less is more.
4. Call A Tailor
I’ve seen executives with their pants dragging on the ground or their sleeves hanging over their hands — it doesn’t inspire confidence. Tailor your clothes for an impeccable fit.
3. Too Much Thigh?
Watch that skirt length. Too long can make you look older and too short is inappropriate for work. Keep skirts just above or below the knee for the most professional look.
2. Kids' Play
Backpacks are for students. Instead, carry a leather tote.
1. Suit Up 
My one secret to dressing for success? Classic fitted suits in neutrals. Pass it on!

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