Reinventing Yourself from the Inside Out

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I've been working with my dear friend, Life Coach Ginny Williams on a new venture called Reinventing Yourself from the Inside Out. Yesterday was our pilot workshop---or should I say, more of a day retreat for helping women "unearth their inner and outer brilliance".  The morning session was all about working on the "inside"---learning about ourselves and reconnecting with who we are...powerful stuff! We broke for lunch and then I took over for the afternoon session which was all about clothes, the messages our "look" sends, and ways to build a fabulous wardrobe that reflects who we are, inside and out.

The attendees' feedback was extremely positive...the only negative thing we heard was that they wished for more time!  So, next on our agenda is a weekend retreat---a whole weekend to focus on nothing else but YOU. Sound good? We'll also be taking our show on the road.  Please contact me if you'd like to chat about offering Reinventing Yourself from the Inside Out to your place of employment or group/organization,
978.807.0577 or

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