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Monday, August 06, 2018

Oh those summer days when it's SO hot, humid and sticky!
It's been like a jungle here in Boston for weeks on end so I've been living in cool summer dresses. The less material next to my skin, the better!
I picked up this cute little embroidered dress at TJ's last month and although I scoured the internet to find it for you, the best I can do is to provide you with a similar style HERE (more at the bottom of the page too!).
I feel SO lucky that my new home has a community pool.
Although I can't really swim (random fact you might not know about me), I do love lounging poolside! If I'm feeling brave, I'll throw on a suit and do a bit of wading.
I love an easy breezy dress like this one because you always look cool and fresh, even though you  may be roasting!
Scroll through my accessories below. On hot days I don't wear a ton of jewelry--it's just too sticky!
Here are some other dress ideas for you.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay cool!
XO Susan

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  1. Ooh that pool looks soooo good!!!starting not to care what I look like in a bathing suit any longer...life is short and getting shorter!!! I love that dress so much. The embroidery is beautiful, age appropriate and modern (some embroidery has a tendency to look a little young, too boho and outdated). Pretty sandals as well, no heels just the way I like them in the summer. :)

    1. Thanks Cheryl! The pool is great--just wish I could swim :( I never quite got over my childhood fear. XO