The Style Team

I'm a lucky girl to be working with some of the best photography and beauty talent around!
Meet "The Midlife Fashionista Team"


The AMAZING Helen Cunliff
North Andover, MA
I've been with Helen for over ten years.  She's simply the best!
Code fashionista for $25 off your first service (first-time clients only). 
You'll LOVE this amazing salon!


Suite 103

 I've been going to Suite 103 for years and love this warm and inviting ALL INCLUSIVE spa in Salem, NH that offers all of the latest and greatest skincare treatments, as well as medical spa services, make-up applications, and color analysis. Try Suite 103 for yourself and let me know what you think! By the way, I'm addicted to their hydrafacials--SO good! 


Meet the amazing Raeann, one of the best and nicest photographers around! 

Richard Kanoff, the hubby
Green energy attorney by day, stand-in photographer by night, Richard and I have way too much fun doing photo-shoots together. keep me organized, meet the AMAZING Nested Organization & Design

Shannon and her team have literally changed my life with their skills and talents.
And you won't find a nicer group of women either! By the way, they do everything including interior design, closest installs, organization, and concierge services!

HIGHLY won't be sorry.