Comfort is everything

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

 This blog is sponsored by National, but all opinions expressed as completely my own.

Ahhhh comfort.  Isn't that exactly what we want these days? Many of us are working from home, which makes comfort a necessity! There's a reason why soft comfy clothes are selling like hotcakes. It's what we're all living in!

When National reached out to me to collaborate, I was struck by how comfy their clothes looked. From knit pants, to cozy tops, and casual dresses, they make clothing that feels good on and won't break the bank. I also love that they carry an array of sizes including petites and plus. There's something for everyone!

I want to show you a few National outfits that take me from Zoom calls to babysitting my granddaughter Penny.  See something you like here?  Use code NATL10SK for 10% off your order!

This adorable stretch thermal hoodie is cozy, and also just the right weight for layering. I love the rich burgundy color for fall, but it also comes in a beautiful stone gray too (one of each please!). I paired the hoodie with black leggings that have a flat waistband and thick material that doesn't show through (no knee peeks!).  The fit is a bit more relaxed--not at all  all clingy or tight. I sized down to a PS. These leggings can easily be dressed up with heels and a silky blouse.

And how cute is this "full zip jacket?  I LOVE the animal print panels...but of course you knew I would!

And last but not least is my favorite, the yarn dyed sweater.  The 100% cotton fabric is light enough to layer with a vest or jacket, but perfect on its own too!  I'm wearing a size small and it fits great (I like a relaxed loose fit). 

Check out some of my other National picks like this animal print poncho (only $24.95!) and adorable plaid vest (also $24.95). 

National has been in business since 1952 and has remained family owned, so they must be doing something right!  They also have a huge heart. Their charitable fund supports those in need and has helped build hospital wings, fund cancer centers, renovate a women's shelter as well as renovate the orphanage where the owner Eddie grew up. Recently, National showered Uncommon Threads with kindness by donating huge boxes of clothes, shoes and undergarments. It's been a tough year for the program and I was literally in tears when I received these amazing donations. Kindness lives. Click here to learn more about National's mission and journey.

Don't forget code NATL10SK will get you an additional 10% off your National purchase!

xo Susan 💕

Photos by Annie Rae's Photography

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