Off the shoulder

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

I "barely" bare my shoulders. I never thought the "off the shoulder look" was good for me mainly because of the strapless bra issue (the girls just don't stay put!).  But when I saw this gorgeous Miranda Tunic from Peach, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

The thing I love about this top is that you can wear it two ways--with a strapless or regular bra! Then there's the bell sleeves (which are so cool) and the metallic detail at the bottom.  
Peach adds the prettiest details to their clothes!
These photos were taken at MY NEW HOUSE (yes you heard me right)---I FINALLY moved!! Yippee! Let's open some wine to celebrate!
 I bought this fun silver bag at Uncommon Closet, a new little store next to Uncommon Threads where all proceeds benefit the program. Stay tuned because we're also working on selling via Instagram and possibly Facebook.  For the past few months, sales have paid for our rent!
Outfit details:
Similar handbag HERE and HERE
Necklaces from TJ Maxx but LOVE this one too!
Ahoy from my staircase!
And yes, I painted most of the walls stark white (call me crazy).
If you see a little blue tape here and there, it's a marker for the builder to fix something---there are quite a few unfortunately!
Ugh to new construction.

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I'm excited to be back in the swing of things after the year from hell.
XO Susan

The Peach tunic was gifted and links in this post may generate a small commission. But rest assured, I only post what I love. Promise!

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  1. That is a fabulous top and you look beautiful! I adore your house too! You have to be so happy to be home!

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl! I really am happy here despite the million boxes to unpack (and why did I keep so much junk?). XOXO Susan

  2. With much thought, it seems to me, my shoulders are the one body part not ravaged by age. In my opinion most women have nice shoulders, as do you. So bare those shoulders ladies!!!

    1. This is a rare look for me but I'm going for it!!
      I'm sure you have gorgeous shoulders. We're our own worst critic :(

  3. so happy for your new home. White paint looks lovely.You look lovely too.

  4. We had a lot of last minute decorations to add, and the staff was eager and willing to help. The food at the event space was amazing. They have extremely unique and tasty food. Also this place has great views and beautiful big rooms.

  5. Yay on your new house. My stepmom (the 70+ model on my blog) can totally relate!! It's fun to have a new house, but the unpacking and list of things to do is endless....

  6. So glad to see your new posts! You look terrific as always. Congrats on your new house!

  7. I ordered this top....a little too hot in the south, but I cannot wait to wear it!