Leota maxi dress

Sunday, May 20, 2018

I find maxi dresses to be so comfortable AND if I forget to shave my legs, no problem!
This Leota maxi is perfect for the summer months, but can be worn almost all  year round too!  Aren't the colors amazing?
And the best part is that it's on sale for just $125! Find it HERE.
Leota is such a fabulous company.  They make the most beautiful clothes AND they donate to Uncommon Threads.
I'm wearing the Songo River Sandal from Jax and Bard , located in Maine. I connected with the owner Jax on Instagram last month, and she came to Uncommon Threads with boxes of shoes to donate! She's the absolute sweetest and I LOVE her comfortable and stylish shoe collection! These sandals have a solid chunky heel that is stable and just the right height.
These beautiful gunmetal earrings are from another Instagram connection, Mack and Jane Jewelry. I am head over heels for this stunning, yet very reasonably priced line. 
There you have it, three AMAZING businesses and one fabulous outfit!  

Shopping links:
Gunmetal earrings (very similar here and here LOVE )

XO Susan

The Leota dress, Mack and Jane earrings and Jax and Bard sandals were gifted, but I only post what I love.  Promise!

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  1. This maxi is gorgeous!! And don't they make getting dressed so easy??

  2. Oh my gosh I am laughing my head off. I went on Jax and Bard website...Songo River is extremely familiar to me. I’ve...we’ve been vacationing on Sabago Lake for almost 30years!!! The names of the footwear on the websites calibrate with places on the lake!!! How funny that is. I can’t wait to tell my husband. Sorry for going on like that. I will tell you that dress is perfect for the many showers and wedding I need to attend this year. What I especially love is the crisscross on the dress front, I feel that is one of the most flattering looks. And you are proof to that. You look pretty darn amazing!!!!

    1. That's too funny Cheryl!!! Where do you live? Maine is so gorgeous! I'm in love with this dress--it's one of my favorites. We need to meet someday--I have a feeling we would have a great time together! XO Susan