Leota's statement stripes

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

There's stripes and then there's STRIPES!
I just got this amazing, fabulous, incredible top from Leota and if you're a stripe lover like me, you'll adore this one!
This top has the boldest stripes, the coolest sleeves, and the most amazing fabric and fit.
I like my tops a little looser around the tummy---CHECK.
I like my tops in a heavier weight (nothing clingy in my closet anymore) ---CHECK.
I like fabric you can't see through---CHECK.
Yep, this top has it all.
And can we talk about these sleeves? These amazing sleeves!
This is not a boring top!
I'm definitely wearing this one with white jeans this summer!
Thank you Leota, for making such amazing clothes.
And also thank you for being one of our fabulous Uncommon Threads donation partners.

Shop the outfit:  
Slip on sneakers (out of stock but almost the same)
Cross-body bag (similar)

XO Susan

The Leota top was gifted.  Links in this post generate a very small commission, but rest assured, I only post what I love. 

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  1. Yes. All those items check my boxes as well. The sleeves?? I picture myself dragging them through spaghetti sauce. I love stripes, but I prefer mine on the wider side, just like what your wearing. Along with all your requirements for a top, one more for me is a modest neck line and that top your wearing is spot on. I’ll ponder a purchase ;))

    1. Good morning Cheryl! I love getting your comments :)
      As far as the sleeves, they're not super wide---surprisingly compact.
      And as a self-proclaimed KLUTZ, I have not dragged them into any food yet!
      They're also 3/4 sleeve so they don't reach the plate. hahaha. I think you'd like it. Have a fabulous day! It will hit 70 here in Boston! (woohoo!). xo Susan

  2. I love stripes for spring an your look is fabulous! You have inspired me to dig into my closet and style some stripes this weekend!

  3. From time to time I check out all my blogger Hero’s IG’s ( God I hope that didn’t sound creepy 😩). Gotta say you lookn’ kinda sexy in that photo taken of you, posted 4 days ago. The one where your wearing those awesome leather pants and cascading black sweater....You got it gurl!!!!

    1. Not creepy at all. At 56 I'll take it! You made my weekend thank you! XO

  4. Adorable top! I don't own many stripes, but i love them with spevial details and the sleeves are cute! you look fab! i have been wondering about AG jeans and havent tried them yet, I was told they are very soft. Is that right?
    have a great Sunday!
    jess xx

    1. Hi Jess!! AG are GREAT! Love the mid to higher rise jeans. I also like Joe's, Paige and some Hudson. Oops, I spilled the beans that I have WAY too many pairs of jeans :) XOXO Susan


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