Green power dress

Thursday, September 15, 2016

When a dress makes you feel powerful and confident, it's a keeper. 
I bought this green print shirt-dress at Ann Taylor several months ago and I feel like I could conquer the world in it!
Funny how clothes can do that.
I've hand-selected some other fabulous power dresses for you.
HERE (love the navy print), HERE (similar colors and a bit edgy!) HERE (more casual--fabulous with ankle boots) and HERE (stunning).
My leather bag and chunky wedge sandals are both in a neutral cognac. I love this color for fall!
Similar shoes HERE and HERE--I own two pairs of these and they're super comfy, plus they're on sale! Highly recommend!
Similar bags HERE and HERE (OMG LOVE).
It's all about how your clothes make you feel.
XO Susan

Photos by the super talented Photos by Nitin (assisted by Chantal Kellerd) in my home-town of Andover, MA.
Hair by the "official" Midlife Fashionista stylist Robert Jason Salon (the best!).

Are you ready to update your wardrobe?
I do distance coaching too!
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  1. It is amazing how clothes can change our mood!!
    This dress is fabulous!

  2. Super chic! At first I thought it was camouflage! Either way, fabulous! Clothes do change the way you walk and think and interact! Thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday!

    Dawn Lucy

    1. Thanks Dawn Lucy. True confessions---I just ordered a camo dress!!! Shhhh don't tell Richard :) XO

  3. That is a beautiful dress and I love the tan accessories with it! :) I agree the right clothes can make us feel amazing - and we should wear them more often! :)

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  4. That dress is all kinds of fabulous. Love it with that bag! And, yep, I'm with you, there are certain outfits that I wear and I just feel like I own the world.

    1. And those are the ones we should wear more often Daenel!! Thank you XOXO Susan

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I hear you on the power dress - funny how the right outfit can change your mood! Love the dress and how you put it together!

  7. My little sister visited me recently and we talked about only keeping things that pass The Fabulous Test. Do you feel fabulous in it? Then it's a keeper. I think this dress passes with 💯

    1. I totally agree is too short for bad clothes :) Thank you!!! XO Susan