Sightseeing Outfit

Sunday, August 14, 2016

This summer Richard and I spent a week in old Quebec City.
It's such a special place for us. We go every year to celebrate our anniversary (this year we hit 12!). It's a second marriage for both of us...and a very good decision I must say.
I don't always always find pants or shorts to be comfortable for sightseeing, so this easy no-wrinkle navy dress was perfect for a hot day trekking around the city. Similar dresses HERE (with sleeves) HERE  (maxi) HERE (shift style--own it and love it!)  HERE and HERE (on sale for $29.59!). I also like wearing a dress as you never know where your urban hike will take you (in our case, into The Hotel Frontenac for a tour!).
I know the water may look a little out of place here, but we took a short cruise. I realized I didn't get a photo of my extremely comfy Jambu sandals, so I snapped a quick shot while we were onboard the boat. I can't say enough about these sandals...they were more comfy than my sneakers! I walked 8 miles in them and my feet felt great. I think I'll order them in black too--comfort is everything! They're on sale now at Sierra Trading Post for $34.95 (great price!). And if you sign up for their email list you get 20% off.
I bought these fun bracelets at the most incredible store ever called Ziba. If you ever travel to Quebec, stopping there is a must.
Too much jewelry can get annoying on long walks, so I opted for these Luxa feather earrings to go along with the bracelets.
You've probably seen Juju Bagz in many of my blogs. I take them everywhere I go because they're so lightweight, durable and go with everything!
Richard said "one more shot" and I said "no I'm hot and tired". 
He persisted, I hid under my hat.
Take that. Ah marriage.
XO Susan

Thank you to my hubby Richard who has become my weekend/vacation photographer and to the fabulous Robert Jason Salon for their hair expertise.

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  1. I too, often find dresses more comfortable that pants or shorts - especially when traveling. This one is perfect - you look relaxed and on vacation! Super cute!
    Have a great Sunday!

    1. A dress allows for more eating room too Suzanne! Thanks for the nice comment...wish I was back there :( XO

  2. Love the navy dress and the cute accessories! I enjoy how inspiring you are (makes me happy to put a few minutes effort into my look) AND honest (ha!! That last shot!)

    1. So glad Naomi! That's my goal! Thanks for all your sweet comments. You're a doll. XO Susan

  3. Like you, I love easy dresses when traveling. I feel instantly read for any encounter be it dinner or just strolling the streets/shops. Love how you accessorized and agree - too many are annoying.

    1. Thanks so much Talia!! You can't go wrong with a dress :) XO Susan

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