Oprah Insipired Blog Entry--Budget Friendly Clothes

Friday, July 23, 2010

After reading the August "Big Deal"edition of O Magazine, I was inspired to write a blog entry on bargain shopping.  A self-proclaimed (and over the top) bargain hunter myself, I live for the hunt of a great buy.
There is really no need to spend full price on clothes when you can find amazing deals on the same or similar pieces.  Can you guess how much these pieces cost?  Answers are at the end of the blog page...I think that you will be very surprised!

1.  Black knit dress Norma Kamali dress from Walmart just $24.00!
2.  Merona watch from Target $14.99
3.  Drop earrings from www.emitations.com $29.99
4.  George white blouse from Walmart $14
5.  Target tote bag $12.99
6.  Mossimo black peep-toe bootie--gorgeous and just $29.99!
7.  Kayley faux snakeskin dress sandal  $9.00 from Payless!
8.  The Flirt skinny jeans from Old Navy just $11.99!

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  1. Yes but with shoes my vote is for all leather only, or canvas, suede etc. You do pay more, of course, but all day and night comfort is worth paying for. The vinyl lining (even with leather upper)is the problem with most inexpensive shoes.

  2. I agree with you, however inexpensive shoes (as long as they're comfy) are great when you want to incorporate trends into your wardrobe...especially since you know you won't be wearing them forever. Also great for those women who are on a tight budget!
    Thanks for the comment Fairy Bramother :)

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