Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I was privileged to make-over a very sweet and amazing young woman today.  Meet Zena---a 28 year old single mom who lost 220 pounds!!  Her new look reflects the youthful, energetic and fun person that she is! Baggy sweats and over-sized clothes are a thing of the past for Zena!

                                                                   ZENA BEFORE


           ZENA AFTER!


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  1. Zena looks absolutely fabulous. Congratulations on Zena losing the weight and to you for changing her life!

  2. Thanks to my make-over team:
    Merit from Night & Day Andover
    Heather Rogers, Beabe Gallery
    Skin Serenity (Cindy make-up artist) Haverhill
    Bella Vita Salon
    Ginny Williams, Life Coach

    And special thanks to Susan Cauldwell, Applaud Women, for being my partner in this very special project!

  3. What beautiful work Susan and friends! Congrats, Zena!