Tiosebon Shoe Review

Monday, August 31, 2020

This blog was sponsored by Tiosebon, but all opinions expressed are my own. I hope you know by now, that I only promote businesses I love.💖

I was recently introduced to Tiosebon, an innovative walking shoe that is flexible and moves with your foot.  I have lots of trouble finding comfortable shoes, so I was excited to test them out.

Last Friday Richard and I planned to spend the day on Plum Island, MA. My son-in-law's parents own the cutest little cottage called The Sugar Shack, and we were grateful to use it. We packed up the car and looked forward to a picnic on a quiet area of the beach. 

Richard says "hi"!

But low and behold (and just our bad luck), the key-pad on the house wasn't working so we couldn't get in. This meant that we couldn't change into a bathing suit, use the bathroom, and didn't have silverware to eat our lunch.😟  We tried to reach my daughter and son-in-law, but no one answered...it was "one of those broken-play days".  

The Sugar Shack

It's a broken keypad day.

But we turned lemons into lemonade and found a local take-out place for lunch (curbside pick-up only because I'm severely-immune compromised), and we prayed that neither of us would need to use the bathroom. Miraculously we held out for over three hours! I found a strip of sand, a weathered building, and a few other cute spots to show off these amazingly comfy shoes.  Sorry for the wrinkly outfit, but I was planning to change my clothes when we got to the Sugar Shack (not!).

I'm wearing Tiosebon knitted sneakers in white. LOVE them! 

The first thing that struck me about Tiosebon is how lightweight they are--perfect for traveling!  They're also super flexible and move with my foot, making them incredibly comfortable for standing and light exercise.  


The mesh top keeps my feet cool and dry and I love that they come in lots of fun styles and colors.  Tiosebon also carries men's and kids' styles too--Richard wants a pair!

Find this style here.

When we returned home, I changed outfits to show you another look.

I honestly want 10 more pairs of Tiosebon shoes.  And the best part is that the majority of styles are under $35! Free shipping over $40 too!  One in each color please?

Comfortable footwear is not only in-style, but it's what we're all living in right now!  I highly recommend this line.  

XO Susan

Thank you to Tiosebon for allowing me to test out these incredible shoes AND for donating 15 pairs to Uncommon Threads!

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  1. It's so wonderful to find comfortable shoes at such a good price too.

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