My crazy, frizzy, wacky hair

Thursday, April 14, 2016

I get a lot of compliments on my hair, which I appreciate but have to laugh about. My hair and I have been at odds with each other for as long as I can remember.

I always wanted straight silky hair, but instead I got stuck with crazy locks (thank you Dad).  

Me in the 90's. Even getting my hair to do this pouffy style took a long time!
When I was in high school, my hair made me cry. I would leave the house in the morning with a perfect style, but once I hit the morning dew it was all over. By the time I got to school, I looked like I had stuck my finger in an electric socket (seriously).  To a teenager, this was the end of the world.

Fast forward a bunch of years and my hair is still my worst enemy. It's frizzy, super curly and has a mind of its own. I can't live without a powerful blowdryer and flat iron. If the electricity goes out, I'm doomed.  Every day is a fight--it's me against my  hair and my  hair always wins.

Until... "da da da da!!"enter the Brazilian Blowout! I started getting treatments several years ago and the process has literally changed my life! It's transformed my unruly frizzy curls to a silkier, straighter and softer version. The treatment has cut down my styling time significantly--from an hour to a mere 15 minutes, and I no longer fear humidity or getting caught in the rain. Life is good!

This treatment is not for won't make your hair stick straight, but it will take the hassle out of styling. It isn't cheap (most salons charge a few hundred dollars) and for the best results it needs to be repeated every 12 or so weeks (I can sometimes go a bit longer). But for me it's a life saver and worth every cent. 

I'm scheduled to get a Brazilian Blowout tomorrow at Robert Jason Salon (thank goodness). This is what my hair looks when I'm super overdue for a treatment....scary I know! 

Before tackling a blow-dry

After a blow-dry but before flat-ironing. Yep I need a color too!

Much better!
If you too struggle with your hair but you're not ready to pull the plug on the Brazilian Blowout, I can recommend some fabulous products that really do what they promise.  Click on the photos below for shopping details. 

So "hairs" to great hair (ok that was a cheesy line!).

XO Susan 

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  1. Oh my goodness... I have finally met someone with MY hair!! I also have crazy frizzy hair. It is definitely not straight, nor is it curly when left to dry. It's best described as coarse, frizzy, BIG after blowdrying, insane in humidity, and I have a lot of it. I can't really afford hundreds of dollars every couple of months, but I own a great deal of smoothing products and multiple hair appliances. Thanks for sharing your hair!-Jenn

    1. Thanks for your comment Jenn. I'm so sorry that you share my pain. Life would be so much easier with good hair! I highly recommend the Brazilian Blowout...I had one today (check out my IG photo). My stylist had a $100 special that I took advantage of. Check out Groupons and other local deals in your neck of the woods. It will seriously change your life! Have a fabulous weekend!! XO

  2. Well, this was an eye opener. You do have a problem haha. What you are experiencing, I do too but from the other end of the spectrum. I have thin hair, little of it and it only wants to go down to the ground as fast as possible. If there is morning dew it will destroy any attempt to "fluff it up" a bit. And then people start saying "oh I like your hair so much, you have such lovely hair". I just burst out laughing. (We Dutch are pretty rude. We like to call it "direct" and "honest", but for everyone not being Dutch it probably is just rude 😉.) My fabulous hair dresser, styling mousse, a blow dryer, "crude clay" and backcombing... That is what it takes.

    1. Just one of my many flaws. My hair has been a lifelong struggle and literally has had me in tears. I remember going to a black tie with my husband...of all places, on the beach. NOOOOOO. Within an hour my hair was a disaster. It ruined my night. Of course nothing that a few glasses of champagne couldn't fix :)